Are you paying too much in property taxes now that values have declined?  If you want to appeal to the local Tax Assessor's office for a property tax reduction. 

You will need a current appraisal on your home to start the process.  Please call to order your appraisal, and it will be completed for you the next business day after your visit inspection.  Hillside Real Estate Appraisal & Broker can help you determine the correct value. 

The steps on how to begin an application appeal for a property tax reduction can vary by county.  You should be prepared to appear in person with the proper ammunition to create a valid case.  Here are some websites to get your started for each county.


Santa Clara County

San Mateo County,,65031_65077,00.html

Alameda County

Contra Costa County

San Francisco County

Monterey County

Santa Cruz County

San Joaquin County

Stanislaus County